Conscious fashion is who we are, so every decision we make is based on doing the right thing. This starts with our production and factory base. Every RAE piece is developed and produced in an ethically operated factory in Guangzhou, China, that provide a safe and happy work environment for their employees. Most importantly, the employees are paid above average salaries. We pride ourselves in working with factories that put their employee’s livelihood and happiness as a priority.  Due to our confidentiality agreements with our factory, we do not release our factory information & address to the public on our website, but would be more than happy to release to individuals that email us directly.

70% of a company’s environmental impact starts at the raw material level. This is why we pledge to only use recycled, left over and deadstock fabrics in our production. There are millions of left over fabrications in the US, Asia and globally. Why start new fabric production and deepen our environmental footprint, when we can recycle beautiful fabric that is already available to us? Here at RAE, we have dedicated ourselves to only use fabric that is already available, and will not participate in any new fabric production.