Our founders are women, dedicated to educating the world that running a responsible, authentic, and ethical brand is possible. The clothing and textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. By focusing on low quality, high quantity business models, fast fashion retailers are simply magnifying this epidemic. Humans are consuming more natural resources than our planets capacity and our landfills are just becoming more clogged with cheap clothing and excess fabric.

We’re big on recycling - and we don’t just mean trash. Traditional fast fashion has been strategically designed to be be made, sold, then thrown away and wasted. 90% of it is thrown away before the end of it’s life. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to not only recycling fabric, but recycling clothes as well. The most sustainable apparel in the world are vintage items which require no resources and have a life cycle that has been extended. This is why we pledge to dedicated 30% of our assortment to vintage clothing and accessories, and the rest is dedicated to in house designs using deadstock + upcycled fabrics that become beautiful, limited edition pieces made to last. This is sustainability, our RAE way. Reduce, Reuse and #RAEcycle.