It all started in 2010.

Sara and Lia became immediate friends at their first fast fashion apparel industry job. Working 60 hour weeks together often turns friendships into family, which is exactly what happened to them. As years passed, their careers evolved. Sara moved to New York to broaden her Buying career, as Lia focused on Product Development and stayed in Los Angeles.

What they didn't realize for the years they worked within fast fashion, was how dirty the industry had become. Questions were asked, few answers were given and their desire to make a difference within the fashion industry deepened. It wasn't until August 2017 that RAE become real. Their hope from the beginning was to launch a brand with responsible, ethical production and authentic values. A label that extended the life cycle of vintage garments and up-cycled left over fabrics to produce effortless and timeless pieces made to last. Jump forward to today, and RAE has come to life.